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Top 11 Best Websites for Buying Cars Online

Traditionally, buying and selling cars involves a lot of paperwork, appointments with agents and/or dealerships, and other conventional things that needed to complete a deal. Now, with the aid of the Internet, many consumers are relying online on when buying cars and some are closing the deals even without visiting the dealership.

Not long ago, not many people would imagine that consumers can really buy cars online. Several years later, here we are. Dealerships, agents, and even third party brokers are creating websites to market their vehicles online and to take advantage of the increasing popularity of buying and selling cars online. 

Whether you are an agent, a car salesman, or a consumer, the following websites are the best for buying cars online. Who knows, you may consider using any of them in the near future.

  1. We Buy Any Car. was founded in 2006 and is one of the early companies to offer to buy and sell cars online in the UK. They remain one of the most popular websites in this industry.
  2. We Want Want Any Car. is a big challenge to and is one of the most popular car-buying sites in the UK. With an interactive “slider” on their website, they allow you to rate the condition of your car when valuing it. You can drop your car off at any of their branches, before receiving a final offer. Any additional fees will be taken out of the amount you receive.
  3. The Car Buying group. is one of the fastest-growing online car buying websites. Having only been around since 2014, that company is now part of Aston Barclay.
  4. Trusted Car offers the most unique service than most other online car buying services. Trusted Car Buyers (acquired by VTG in 2014) allows independent franchisee and multi-franchise companies to purchase directly from the public.
  5. Best Car Buyer. is an interesting online car buying company and their proposition is quite differentiated. Unlike other options in the space, they actually buy used cars directly from UK car owners via dealerships in the Motor Depot portfolio group of companies.
  6. Money 4 Your Motors. is a car buying division of car retailing giant Cox Automotive (Manheim). They buy any car throughout the UK and collect cars from home addresses. Headquartered in Birkenhead, they were one of the first competitors to rival WeBuyAnyCar.
  7. Car Converter. is owned and operated by used car and salvage auction firm CoPart. Car Converter is a relatively new entrant to the online car buyer space. They will buy old, damaged and scrap cars and will collect from any UK home address. They’ll even buy motors that have failed their MOT or are ‘write-offs’ having been written off by insurance companies as unroadworthy.
  8. CarTakeBack. specialise in buying old, scrap and junk cars. The UK’s largest scrap network, they offer competitive prices for all types of cars that are better off being recycled or broken up for parts.
  9. Evans Halshaw. is one of the most recognisable names in the UK automotive industry. Part of Pendragon PLC, the second-largest motor retailer in the UK, they are one of the largest groups of franchised dealers in the country.
  10. Arnold Clark. was founded in 1954, it now has over 200 branches across the UK. The Arnold Clark Group has become a very popular choice for people looking either to buy or sell a car. 
  11. Wizzle. allows customers to advertise cars on their website, and for their network of dealers to bid on them. During the creation of the ad, customers are able to provide more information about their car, so that dealers will be able to place an offer on a car more accurately. 

Whether you are buying or selling a car, the above list can certainly help you save time in searching for the best websites to buy or sell cars online.