kKandie chinese electric car

This tiny electric car could cost just $10,000 in the US. But there are tradeoffs

Kandi Chinese Electric Cars

The new Chinese automaker Kandi is an interesting auto entering the US market with two electric cars. One of the major cars is the K27, which is going for about $10,000 in total after federal tax incentives. This is not going to be the case for long as this offer is only open to the first 1,000 buyers, after which the price is expected to increase to $17,500. Later on, the price will rise to about $19,800 or $12,400 after tax credit.

Additional tax credits are offered in many states to purchase this new electric vehicle, which means that the price could go down in some of these states. The price might be low, but as a buyer, there are some things you need to understand because the value of the car is far more than the price.

In a single charge, the K29 can drive up to 100 miles, and even though this car is yet to be listed on the US environmental protection agency, there is still much faith that the car’s range is as the company said. The Kandi K27 electric car has an 18 kilowatt/hour battery, which allows it to go far. The electric motor in this car wraps up only 27 horsepower with a top speed of about 63 miles per hour.

For customers looking for a car looking more like the usual ones, the K23 gives a much more robust outlook than the K27 car. The K23 has a top seed of 70 miles per hour, with a driving range of 188 miles. The first k23s would be sold at $20,000 all after federal tax making it one of the most affordable cars than the other Chinese Electric car in the US and globally. These prices are still set to rise to about $22,500 or $30,000, especially after tax. 

Many buyers interested in this Chinese Electric car in the US still have a lot to figure out with this car, especially when it comes to reliability and safety. However, Kandi America has partnered with on-site auto repair and maintenance company Wrench to maintain customers’ cars. Other factors set out for the reassurance of customers regarding satisfaction when they purchase this Chinese Electric car in the US is the 4-year warranty for every buying customer.

People are searching for the one thing due to the continued increase in global warming issues is an eco-friendly car safe for use and easy to maintain. Even though the Kandi K23 and K27 car models are not on Chinese roads yet, there are other precious models from the same company. This means that this one dubs as an upgrade to the previous ones and is set to storm the American market. The prices might be low, but this is just a strategy to get into the market and make people see this brand’s benefit.