honda electric car

Honda to launch the first mass-produced electric car in October

Honda motors is popular for new and interesting innovations, and one of their latest innovations is the Honda Electric Car, which is set to be mass-produced and released in October. After release, the car will go on sale by the 30th of October for the price of 4.5 million yen, which is about $42,000. This is a one of a kind car from Honda, which is well fitted with cameras rather than the usual door mirrors, which makes it a perfect match for urban users.

The Honda electric car can travel a distance of up to 300km with just a single charge. Another special factor about this car is that it is a tad shorter than electric vehicles from competitor companies as the major priority when it comes to size was compactness. Many things were changed in the car compared to other cars, which includes the battery capacity and size leading to a total size of 4 meters in length.

The Honda Electric Car has many other new features like the new parking system designed for use in spaces that are not wide. The Honda senior chief engineer Tomofumi Ichinose pointed out that urban cities in most countries are beginning to get crowded and a car as small as this would certainly pull its weight. 

This car is set to change many things when it comes to driving as the door mirrors on both sides of the car have been replaced with a display screen inside the vehicle. Many people who know about this feature expressed concerns about the clarity of the images in certain conditions. Still, Honda claims that the images would be clear even in rainy conditions. The car is fitted with a digital dashboard, which has five screens set out horizontally to see the driver.

Many other companies like Nissan and Toyota are fast-tracking the production of their electric cars, with many of them set to hit the market by 2021. According to LCM, a U.K based research company, 2019, was a blast for electric vehicles as total sales hit 1.67 million.

Many European countries are pushing more to improve environmental regulations, and this would improve the sales of electric vehicles about nine times the global sales in 2030. The Honda Electric Car has a play to hit the market from a better angle by reducing its domestic prices compared to rival companies.

The Honda Electric Car is marked as an eco-friendly car in Japan, and even in Europe and from the time of release, Honda’s ideal plan is to sell 1,000 units in the first year and a total of 10,000 units across Europe. 

Honda has an end goal of having their electric vehicle and hybrids as the major vehicles sold and used globally before the end of 2030. Many of these units have already been sold in China, but the Honda Electric Car is the first electronic vehicle to be deployed globally.

Here are Carzam we are a environmentally friendly bunch , needless to say we cant wait for this electric vehicle to launch.