About Us

At the beginning of 2020 myself and my friend were out having lunch discussing our love of cars and how the car industry is changing across the globe right before our eyes. That’s when we decided to start up a blog to help the general public in keeping up to speed with whats going as it happens, Carzam was born!

Fast forward a few months and we now have our own website and a small team of car enthusiasts who’s mission is to quite simply provide free and impartial advice alongside the news from within the automotive world. All of our team work for free and in their spare time they spend hours scaling the web for latest news and information from other credible sources that we feel would be of interest to our website visitors which is growing by the day!

We are new into this blogging lark and would welcome any seasoned professionals who are passionate about cars to come and write about anything that is going on across the globe relating to automobiles. Please visit our contact us page and fill out the form if this is of interest.

Thank you for visiting our Blog Carzam